The Team
Established - 1978

Ann and Martin Baldwin established Burwin’s alongside a third partner in 1978. Martin has always been involved in bikes since an early age. Martin is an expert on the MZ’s and this specialist knowledge provides another outlet for Burwin’s, with either his tuning skills or the MZ mail order division. Ann has worked tirelessly behind this scenes to ensure the business runs smoothly.


Matthew Baldwin, has elevated his position from starting as a teenager down the business to managing the Burwin’s shop. His team of highly trained mechanics bring with them years of experience. Specialising in their own fields of expertise they can provide a wealth of knowledge on anything from scooters to superbikes. The team have been working closely together for a number of years which is evident in their comradery and the smooth running operation.

Motorcycle Discount Tyres, MOTs, Servicing and Repair.
All motorcycle brands, all bikes road and race, including mopeds and scooters.
Motorcycle shop Islington, North London, N1, The City, Hackney, Holloway, Holborn